Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New work bench

Clean up for the bench area was completed. Relocated the shelves to a a temporary location, not sure where those will go yet. Once I had the shelves moved I realized I needed a temporary work space for a few days, nothing fancy, just a rolling TV stand to place some peripherals to test a computer. I needed to rebuild my media PC, various applications were crashing a lot and just generally not working right.

Temporary computer testing, no bench.

I then met up with my dad to finalize the design for my new work bench, and head to the lumber yard for some materials. 
  • 1 4"x4"x8'
  • 2 2"x8"x10'
  • 4 2"x6"x10'
  • 8 3/8"x6" carriage bolts, washers, and nuts
  • 1.25 lbs of 3.5" deck screws
Total material cost was just under $90. We had the yard rough cut most of the lumber to length. We needed to do some trimming to even everything out, but we wouldn't have to wrestle with 10' lengths of lumber. Took the materials to his shop, measured and cut some of the bigger pieces, and packed it in for the day.

Instead of posting last weekend, I was sidetracked with ripping a burnt out CFL apart to see what was inside it. As it turns out, lots of useful little components. I'll be holding on to that.

CFL guts

During the week I took to upgrading my media PC from a 160GB drive to a 500GB drive. I kept running out of space. I also took the opportunity to do a fresh installation of Xubuntu and Kodi. I had been installing and fiddling with the system so much it had become unstable. Kodi itself wouldn't stay running for longer than a few minutes.

55" computer monitor, Xubuntu installation

The weekend comes and back into the shop. After a few hours in the shop with my dad and daughter we have most of the bench done and assembled.

Work bench nearly finished in my dad's shop

Second day, finished cutting the plywood for the top and the back, and dismantled everything for the move to my house. We had a little incident when half of the bench was dismantled. The 2x8s for the top were leaning against another machine and toppled over, narrowly missing my dad's leg. Unfortunately one of the boards clipped one of the machine bases and had some bits ripped off. Even more unfortunate was the fact that it was the front board that we had trimmed up nice for the front, and it was the trimmed section that took the hit. Fortunately we were able to glue up the damaged areas and you can hardly tell where it was knocked.

Completed work bench in position

So here we are, bench all reassembled and ready for me to work on. Vault Boy has already made an appearance. My toolbox fits perfectly under the end of the bench. Still a few things to add, like some power and other useful bits. If you're wondering about the flowered stool, I'm sure it's at least 10 years older than I am, it was always in my Grandmother's house when I was growing up, and I kind of inherited it. Perfect size for sitting and working though, and it's also a step stool.

Now, what should I build next?