Sunday, January 24, 2016

Prepare the workroom

First thing's first. I need a space to work. This is my workroom/shop. Obviously not the best shop type room, having carpet and all. I don't have much choice for rooms, the whole basement is finished. I need to get this room tidied up before I can get on with any serious projects. Currently strewn about the room are a few half finished smaller projects. So I got to work this weekend, completed a few small tasks and started with the cleanup.

I rebuilt an old computer to replace our aging Dell Vostro 230. Our Dell was spec'ed with a dual core 2.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM (maxed out), 180 GB HD, and 512 MB video card. I've replaced it with a quad core 2.7 GHz, 8 GB RAM (maxed out), 120 GB SSD (OS drive), 750 GB HD (data drive), and 1GB video card. Not the latest and greatest of upgrades, but more than twice the speed of our old PC, and except for the SSD it's built from all found/free parts.

Also replaced my daughters monitor. Her old 17" monitor blew a couple power transistors, blew a hole right out the side of them. I wasn't surprised when it blew out, I first encountered this specific monitor six years ago, it's been through at least four owners that I'm aware of. I've replaced it with a 19" monitor that didn't work when I received it. Quick reflow of a couple solder points and it works like a charm.

As for cleanup, started organizing the room, sorting everything, getting rid of some things, stripping others for parts. Starting to take down those wooden shelves to make room for a proper workbench. Those are just Ikea shelves that I've had for over a decade. They've served their purpose up to this point. You can see the lower shelf is currently my small work space for small items. The stack of boxes on the right of the picture is my temporary make shift work area for larger items.